What Is Thunderr Slime?

We’re a company on a mission to help ease stress and tension for people everywhere in a new and exciting way! Struggling with anxiety, our founder sought an outlet to be his escape from day to day reality. The intriguing textures, smells, sounds, and sensations of slime proved to be an effective treatment that was fun, too! That’s when he realized it was his duty to share this stress-relief with the whole world!

Starting in 2018, Thunder Slimes specializes in creating masterful slime blends, perfectly balanced in fragrance to provide the most accurate scent possible. This is PERFECT for taking your anxiety-inducing experience to the next level.

We’re also all about QUALITY! That’s why every slime is made in small, weekly batches to create a high end artisanal product for an affordable price.

Where do we get our inspiration from? The world around us, really! Namely our travels or new foods we’ve tried so others might live through our experiences vicariously in a whole new way. Thunder Slimes — Talk About SATISFYING!

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why slime?

Slime has been proven to be an effective tool for stress relief. It is a sensory toy that triggers 4 out of the 5 senses: touch, smell, sight, and sound. This creates a multi-sensory experience that is helpful for anxiety, ADHD, ADD, and other common stresses. All of our slimes are uniquely crafted to produce the best stress relief experience possible.

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how do you thunderr slime?

Use #thunderrslimeproof to show us how you use your slime!