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  • My slime is too sticky! How can I fix it?

    Slime can become sticky from hot weather or naturally as the slime ages. To fix, add a diluted borax solution of 1 teaspoon borax to every 1 cup of hot water. But be careful! Add a little at a time until you get your desired texture. Adding too much can make your slime too stiff.
  • My slime is stiff / I added too much activator. What do I do? 

    Your slime naturally gets stiff and hardens the more you play with it. Every once in a while, add some unscented lotion or vegetable glycerin to soften it back up. Leaving it in a warm place with sunlight will also naturally soften the slime.
  • How do I properly care for my slime and make sure it lasts! 

    ALWAYS wash your hands before and after playing with your slime to prevent any germ buildup. Make sure to sanitize any nonporous surface you play with your slime on. Once you’re done playing with your slime, make sure to put it back in its airtight container and close it completely. Try to limit playing with your slime for extended periods of time as that will cause your slime to dry out. TIP: washing your hands with cooler water will make the slime feel less sticky (hot hands = slime feels stickier)
  • My slime has deflated. What can I do to fix it?

    Unfortunately, this is a natural process as moisture from the slime is pulled out and it begins to dry out and shrink. There are certain things you can do to remedy this, (see above) but if it’s completely dried out, it may be time for a new slime. 
  • My slime has become dirty/the scent has faded/doesn’t look the same anymore. What do I do?

    This is normal as slime is a handmade product and not forever-lasting. When you get a new slime, always wash your hands before and after use and follow the tips on the back of our business card and on this page to properly care for your slime to increase its longevity. 
  • My clear slime isn’t clear anymore. What do I do?

    When you play with any clear based slime, air bubbles form and make the slime look cloudy. Nothing to fear! Simply let your slime sit for a few days and allow the air bubbles to rise and alas, you’ll have beautiful clear slime once again. 
  • I added a different product to my slime & it became really sticky, what do I do?

    You may have added a product that did not react well with the slime. We do not recommend adding any foreign product into our slimes except the ones outlined on this page (unscented lotion, vegetable glycerin, or borax solution) If you’re having severe problems, contact us and we’ll do our best to help.
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