Our response to COVID-19

We understand you may have your concerns during this unprecedented time. We would like to reassure you that when you order from Thunderrslimes, you are receiving a safe and responsibly handled product. That’s why we have taken the following precautions to ensure you peace of mind.


•All slimes are made using latex-free nitrile gloves with no skin contact.

•No one is allowed in workspace prior to thoroughly washing their hands.

•All surfaces, mixing bowls, containers, etc. are constantly being wiped down with disinfectant.

•Any slimes being filmed without gloves for the purpose of our Instagram account are never sold for purchase.

•Slimes are packaged into sanitized jars immediately after being made to prevent excess contact with air.

•All orders are being fulfilled with latex-free nitrile gloves.


We thank you for trusting us and supporting small businesses during this tough time. We hope that you are staying safe and healthy, and that the slimes you purchase offer you stress relief, satisfaction, and calmness.