Whipped Dalgona Latte Butter Slime

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This slime is modeled after the viral “whipped coffee” trend that is on instagrams, TikTok, and Facebook. This drink has origins in South Korea and  It consists of a whipped coffee foam atop a glass of cold milk. 
Ever since I tried this drink a few weeks ago, I immediately wanted to make it a slime. It is one of the best coffee beverages I’ve ever had, and I tried really hard to perfectly encapsulate its essence in this slime. The slime has two tiers, the first “milk layer” is an airy, fluffy, and light slay slime. The top “coffee layer” is a more thick yet still airy butter slime made with 4 types of clay to produce a unique “whipped texture”. It’s also topped with some faux brown crumbles to represent shaved cinnamon, which is how I like to top my lattes! When mixed, it turns into an extremely light, airy, and unique texture that truly feels whipped. The scent is my favorite part about this slime. I spent a long time perfecting the blend, and it is so accurate to the real thing. It has a base of sweet cream and vanilla to represent the milk, as well as rich roasted coffee, brown sugar, and a hint of cinnamon. Every time I play with my personal it makes me crave the real thing!

*Colors may blend in transit*